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7 Free Script Writing Fonts for Your Cricut

 7 Free Script Fonts for Cricut Writing

I have a confession... I'm addicted to fonts. I have a bazillion (ok, maybe that's a slight exaggeration). But, for real, I have a LOT. 

When I start a new project, if there's a font involved, it takes me forever to find just the right one. 

That's why I wanted to share these new fonts I found with you! So you can have just the right font to express your thoughts and ideas!

And the best part... these are all free for personal use!

Writing with the Cricut

The Cricut writes fonts by following the lines of them. That means that they don't always look great so you should test with the marker you will use before doing a lot of writing.

To test, I wrote the font name on the left and "you are loved" on the right with each font.

For the first test, I used the Cricut 0.4 Tip Turquoise marker. I like all of them with this marker, even though Yesie and Hello Morgan have a lot of visible space in each letter. 

For the second test, I used the Cricut Copper marker. I like all most of them with this thicker marker... Mathanfino Script and Dhanikans Signature are a little hard to read. But, really, it is personal preference and the words and font size you're using.

Cricut Writing Fonts with Copper Marker

And with that, let's list the links to the fonts!


1) Mathanifo Script

Mathanifo Script

I love the casual elegance of this font script! I love how well it writes on the Cricut even more. 


2) Artilla Script

I hope you're swooning over this font as much as I am. Bring on all the swooshes!


3) Rachela

Soooo pretty! And don't you just love that little heart? There's an option for one at the end of each lower case letter. 


4) Dhanikans Signature


 Oh, these loops... the h, k, and l make me happy, happy, happy!


5) Yesie

This is another lovely font that has just the right amount of script to be fun!

6) Hello Morgan 

This sweet font is full of cuteness and curls!

7) Kinan

This script font is beautiful and masculine.


Which of these do you love? Let me know in the comments!

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